About Us

Registered Charity No. 205154

Little Valley Animal Shelter is owned and run by the South, East & West Devon Branch – a separately registered Branch of the RSPCA responsible for raising all funds locally.

The Shelter, founded in 1991, supports the work of local RSPCA inspectors by caring for and rehoming 1000 of the neediest animals from the local area every year.

All animals stay at the Shelter until they are adopted into caring homes. Home visitors call upon every prospective owner and follow-up visits are also made to ensure all is well.

The Shelter accepts a wide variety of animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, rodents, ferrets, aviary birds, poultry and farm animals.

Wildlife is held pending transfer to the wildlife centre at RSPCA West Hatch in Taunton.

Animals are only put to sleep on veterinary advice or because of incurable behavioural problems.

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To see the locations we cover, click here to download a map of the Branch area (coloured pink).

RSPCA Little Valley Animal Shelter | Black Hat Lane | Bakers Hill | Exeter | EX2 9TA
Tel: 01392 439898