Frank - 2 year old Male Domestic Semi-longhair

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Frank is a 2 year old boy who is finding the Shelter pretty scary at the moment and is spending most of his time hiding away. We do not have any history and so do not know what sort of cat he will turn out to be but he has never raised a paw to us despite having to be checked by the vet. Frank needs new owners who are happy to give him plenty of time and space to settle in. We think that he will be fine once he has settled in his new home but it is possible that he is a cat who prefers not to be stroked but we will not know this until he has been given a chance to lead a normal life. Frank would need to live with adults and teenagers only and would not be suitable to share his home with another cat. If you think you could offer this poor boy a second chance at happiness then please contact us.

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