Pumpkin - 2 year old Female Domestic Shorthair

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This wonderful little cat is Pumpkin, she is 2 years old and absolutely cannot wait to meet her new family and settle down in a proper comfy home. Pumpkin is a very affectionate girl who is never happier than when she is on your lap being gently fussed while she purrs and dribbles with delight! She is quite partial to a bit of catnip and enjoys playing when the mood take her, but her number one love is people. If you are having a bad day pumpkin gives the best cuddles and will cheer you up instantly. This pretty lady could live with older children, possibly a dog but definitely not other cats as she has made her feelings on the matter quite clear! We are not ruling out her living with younger children but they may be a little too overwhelming for Pumpkin so a meet at the shelter would be essential to make sure everyone is happy. If you are looking for a cat to lavish your time and affection on then Pumpkin will definitely be the one for you! If you are interested in her please do come to the shelter to meet her and let her worm her way into your heart.

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