Bella - 1 year old Female Terrier

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Bella is a 1 year old Terrier. She has not lived in a home environment before so will need time to settle in. She can find people she doesn’t know quite overwhelming but once she knows you, she will really show her sweet affectionate, fun side. Bella’s love of dogs has really helped her confidence and she is much happier in the company of her fellow canines so she will be looking for a quiet home with a resident social dog to help show her the ropes. She will need a home where someone is around for most of the day to help her settle in to home life. Bella will need quiet walking areas whilst she builds her confidence but with her doggy pal by her side we’re sure this wont take long. She could potentially share a home with calm, older children but would not be able to share a home with a cat. If you have the time and patience and a quiet environment for our sweet little Bella then please get in touch.

If you are interested in Bella, please ring 07748 629202 to speak to one of the dog team during our opening hours. During busy periods the phone may only be on between 2pm and 4pm, so please bear with us and try again.

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