Cher - 16 week old Female Crossbreed

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Cher came into our care after being abandoned at a building site. Cher is approximately 17 weeks old and, her breed is unknown, so we don’t know what size she will grow to be! She would benefit from some fun positive training and would ideally like somebody home for most of the day for house training and to learn being left isn’t scary! She is looking for an active home and could live with another sociable playful dog and potentially a confident cat pending good introductions here at the shelter. A family home would really suit her to keep her mentally stimulated and she could live with sensible children again pending good introductions.
Cher has got an abnormal hind gait and any potential adopter will need to consider this before proceeding, this is what our vet has to say about it:
“Cher was malnourished on admission to the shelter and has always had an abnormal ‘bunny hopping’ gait. Under aesthetic it was evident that there was an abnormal laxity in the hip joints. The concern is that if this does not improve, it could lead to arthritic change in the hips and abnormal stress on the knees could cause slipping patellae. Controlled exercise is recommended initially and hydrotherapy/physiotherapy may be helpful and pain relief may be needed at some stage in her life. Worse possible scenario is that salvage surgery may be necessary in the future.” Potential adopters will be able to discuss this with our vet in more detail.

If you are interested in Cher, please ring 07748 629202 to speak to one of the dog team during our opening hours. During busy periods the phone may only be on between 2pm and 4pm, so please bear with us and try again.

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