Gucci - 18 month old Female Akita

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This is Gucci a 2 year old Akita on the lookout for quite a specific home. Gucci is looking for a spacious house with access to a safe, secure outside space. She will need a room or possible outbuilding that she can call her own as somewhere to retreat to when she needs to. Gucci has not coped in an urban environment and so will need a quiet area to live in. She has shown guarding behaviour in her previous home and so her new owners will need to take advice from our behaviourist on how to manage this around the home. Gucci was brought up on a small holding and exercised on the land there, it is likely her world was quite small before she came to Little Valley and so as a result she can struggle when out on walks. She will stop and plant herself when she is feeling overwhelmed and so it is important she has access to walks close to home, that can be kept familiar for her whilst she builds her confidence. She will also need to be exercised where she will not be bombarded by dogs and her owners will need to be vigilant about her predatory behaviour around livestock. Someone with a secure paddock for safe off lead freedom would be perfect. Gucci will need a home without any other pets or children and she has shown she bonds particularly well with men. Her perfect home would be a single occupant where she can build a 1:1 bond. She can be very affectionate towards you once she knows you and enjoys a gentle fuss. Gucci travels well and is house trained. With someone who knows and loves the Akita breed we are sure she is going to make a great companion.

PLEASE NOTE: The Shelter is currently closed and public cannot visit. If you are interested in Gucci, please fill in the dog Perfect Match form below and email it to We will then contact you by email or phone to discuss further.




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