Hector - 2 year old Male Lurcher

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We would be happy to discuss a foster placement for Hector, please ring the dog team to find out more information.

Hector is a 2 year old, very large Lurcher type in desperate need of a new home.

Hector has been with us a while now and we have had a lot of people asking why he can’t share his home with other dogs, children or be left; so we would like to let you all know a bit more about Hector and his needs.

We would love for Hector to be able to live with other animals and children, if this was the case he would be happily in a home by now which is what we all want for him. However, he does have some behavioural issues that mean this would not be safe. He will be a project, but if you have the time and patience to commit to him, you will have such a rewarding and fun loving companion in return!

Only Dog and Adult Home:

Hector will guard items he sees as valuable such as toys, food and often other items – due to his size (around a metre tall with all 4 feet on the floor!) he can reach a lot of items that the average dog can’t! Hector will guard from people as well as dogs and so needs to be the only pet. If approached when he has something he can display aggression, so he would be a risk to other pets and children in the home who may not pick up on his early signals. This behavioural issue can be managed and over time work can be done to improve this behaviour, however it is unlikely to completely resolve.

Separation Anxiety:

Hector loves people and finds being left alone distressing. He will need someone home throughout the day who is able to slowly and gradually introduce time left.

No Cats or Small Furries:

Hector has a high prey drive and will chase anything that runs.


  • He is clicker trained and responds very well to reward based training.
  • Hector is bright and intelligent and he knows lots of commands – Sit, lie down, touch, play dead, in your bed, recall and wait.
  • Enjoys meeting dogs out and about, but would be better suited walking with other medium/large dogs as he can be a little over enthusiastic at times!
  • He enjoys interaction and fuss once he has got to know you.
  • He is hilarious! He never fails to make us smile and is a firm favourite with all who meet him.

Hector will really benefit from a consistent routine so his days are predictable and he won’t have to worry about the unexpected. He settles well in his kennel and may benefit from an outside space such as a converted barn, play house or shed where he can have time and space to relax such as if his owners need to go out or when meals are being prepared.

Hector is a fantastic dog who in an understanding home will blossom! Despite his behavioural quirks, he is an amazing dog with bags of personality!

Please contact us if you think you have the right home for Hector, full advice on how to handle and work with Hector will be given. We also provide a free, lifetime behavioural support service for all of our adopters.

If you are interested in Hector, please ring 07748 629202 to speak to one of the dog team during our opening hours. During busy periods the phone may only be on between 2pm and 4pm, so please bear with us and try again.

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