Piper - 1 year old Female Lurcher

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Calling all Lurcher lovers! Piper is 1 yr old Lurcher who has had a hard start to life, because of this she is sometimes a fearful and anxious dog who is on the lookout for a quiet home where she can blossom at her own pace. Piper will need to share her home with one or more dogs as she really gains confidence from canine company. Piper will be looking for quiet walking areas to enjoy, away from loud noises. She is starting to find her feet here and is beginning to play with toys, soft squeaky ones are her favourite! She could possibly share a home with sensible teens, but would like a home without too many visitors. She would not be able to live with a cat. Potential owners will need to be understanding and committed to Piper’s needs in order to help her build in confidence. With time and patience Piper will make a fantastic and loving companion.

If you are interested in Piper, please ring 07748 629202 to speak to one of the dog team during our opening hours. During busy periods the phone may only be on between 2pm and 4pm, so please bear with us and try again.

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