Theo - 2 year old male German sheperd

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Theo is a 2 year old German Shepherd who has not had the best start in life. He suffers from Separation anxiety so will be looking for an owner who will be at home all day with him, and can slowly help him understand that being left for short periods is OK. He would be best suited to a quiet household without too many visitors, and an owner who can give him a stable routine throughout the day. He’s a big strong boy who pulls on the lead, so will need an owner who can manage this with some positive training. Theo loves enrichment to keep his brain busy, it would be great if owners can keep up with this in his new home – he’s a smart boy!. He is looking for an owner who has time and patience to gain his trust in his own time. He was extremely vocal on arrival when meeting people, but now he’s settled a bit more he has been able to form a close bond with a few of the staff. Theo has very poor conformation and x-rays have shown he has hip dysplasia. He is not currently on medication as he is coping well and not showing signs of discomfort yet, but he will need to be monitored in the home closely and may need pain relief in the future, any potential adopters will need to speak to our vet about this. Please do not let this put you off, Theo is such a lovely boy who deserves a chance. Although Theo likes to greet some dogs when out and about but he would be best suited to being the only dog in the home as he does not like to share food/toys. He will not be able to live with a cat and and is looking for an adult only household with no visiting children. Theo has great potential in the right home and we cannot wait for him to find his forever home.

PLEASE NOTE: The Shelter is currently closed and public cannot visit. If you are interested in Theo, please fill in the dog Perfect Match form below and email it to We will then contact you by email or phone to discuss further.


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