Found an Animal?

There are various Lost and Found facilities and websites you can use, some are listed below. The RSPCA is currently working with Pets Located, but other sites are available, such as:

Animal Search UK Ltd

UK National Missing Pet Register

Dog Lost

Cat Aware

The use of social media is also key in reuniting lost and found pets.

Facebook has lots of pages dedicated to lost and found pets – a  search of the site should find you a lost and found pets page in your local area. Lots of towns and villages also have local pages dedicated to them so try posting details, with a photo if possible, on those pages.

Twitter is also very useful in helping to reunite lost and found pets.

Stray dogs

Stray dogs are the responsibility of your local council and not the RSPCA. Please contact your local council dog warden – see the local phone directory for details.


Little Valley is nearly always full to capacity with cats. Please read the following advice on stray cats but you can also phone the Shelter and we will log details of the cat.

Other Animals

If the owner cannot be located, Little Valley Animal Shelter can take in and rehome many types of small animals and birds. However, space at the Shelter is limited so please call us for advice.

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